3 Amazing Paleo Recipes

Paleo breakfast ingredients

It is often said that one should pause and reflect over the things that make one's life better. One should bring these things into one's awareness and actively appreciate them, and not take them for granted.

Since I adopted the Paleo lifestyle at the end of 2011, food has become something I think about, cultivate, and appreciate.

First, I've gained more respect for the cycle of life. Second, my overall well-being and productivity have really flourished. And third, I've been steadily turning into a regular foodie.

What better way to mark this than to create a recipe book? So here is one, containing 3 recipes that I enjoy immensely.

Most cookbooks are written from the perspective of the author, the master chef — a lengthy catalogue of ideas, categorized by meal type (“appetizers”) or product type (“seafood”).

I'm not a professional cook, I never keep more than 3 recipes in my head (just enough to cover a day), and I like books that facilitate focus, ease of use, and action. So I asked myself: “What if I had a cookbook just for one day — a shopping list and a meal plan all in one?”

3 Amazing Paleo Recipes is the answer I came up with.

Bon Appétit!

Ebook cover
Baharat spice mix
Quince with Sweet Potatoes and Lamb