Content Strategy

A developer writing about Content Strategy (the fashionable, the "people–oriented", the soft)? What is becoming of this world?

Seriously, I like Content Strategy. Not only is it a rather practical field, but a highly relevant one, simply due to the fact that I have a website.

It looks like Content Strategy has been borrowing heavily from some disciplines (the editorial profession, marketing, etc), but also some of the mental models we developers have been using. (Now, don't those content types and content items sound a bit like classes and objects, respectively?)

It's great to see that software development can contribute to such a different field as Content Strategy. In fact, modeling content with types and items for a great website sounds like more fun than modeling classes and objects for a "strategic enterprise architecture" (maybe because I've done it).

Everyone who has ever had anything to say on the web (including this humble blogger) is a publisher. And publishing is a structured discipline with a wealth of experience and many lessons that are transferable to the online world.

So, Content Strategy is no fad; I like to think of it as the grown-up version of web publishing.

Next time you talk to a developer, ask him about what their Content Strategy is — just for fun.

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