Some screencasts I'd like to see

I’ve written before about how much I enjoy home-brewed publications on software development. However, I often catch myself thinking: “If someone did a screencast about this, it would hit right home”. So, here are some screencasts I’d seriously consider paying for:

"How to create a web app with Clojure". Check! Chas Emerick recently released this great screencast.

A thorough, beginner-level, "Clojure with Emacs" screencast. Topics:

"Emacs in Org-Mode for technical writing". This would be perfect for my Literate Code project for which I'm considering to implement HTML exporting from Org-Mode.

An "Advanced Pry" screencast. On the ThinkRelevance podcast #007, Clinton Nixon talked about how he uses Pry. A great discussion of high-level Pry usage - especially the part on how to develop with Pry in parallel to the editor, so that when source code is modified in a Pry session these changes are reflected back in the editor. I use Pry to navigate around program state, but what Clinton talked about sounded like the next level. I’d really like to watch how a developer switches between the Pry session and the editor in the process of programming. Let’s call this one “Pry on Steroids: Interactive Ruby Development”.

Just a few ideas off the top of my head. I may update this list if more come to mind.